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  • An analytical model to predict the volume of sand during

    01/08/2016· Osisanya (2010) developed an approach based on the production, well logs and laboratory data to determine the initiation of sanding, but did not indicate the importance of predicting the volume of sand if it is initiated.

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  • (PDF) Sand Consolidation Operations, Challenges and

    Osisanya S. O. 2010. Practical Guidelines for Predicting Sand Production. Paper presented at SPE . Annual Conference and Exhibition, Tinapa, Calabar, Nigeria, 31 July – 7 August. SPE 136980Онлайн-запрос

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    Practical Guidelines for Predicting Sand Production. Osisanya ; Environmental Science; 2010; 2. View via Publisher Cite Save Feed. A Review of Horizontal Drilling and Completion Techniques for Recovery of Coalbed Methane. Osisanya, Robert F. Schaffitzel; Environmental Science; 1996 (First Publication: 1 November 1996)Онлайн-запрос

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    2014-11-1 Sand production is a serious problem in the process of reservoir development, especially for weak sandstone reservoirs (Isehunwa and Olanrewaju, 2010, Selby and Ali, 1988, Osisanya, 2010, Adeyanju and Oyekunle, 2010). There are a number of reasons caused sand production, such as drilling, well completion, production and workover.Онлайн-запрос

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    A sand production model was developed for volumetric sand production predictions that take into account the effects of the external stresses and fluid flow rate. The model couples the poroОнлайн-запрос

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    Semantic Scholar profile for S. Osisanya, with 12 highly influential citations and 28 scientific research papers.Онлайн-запрос

  • (PDF) Formation of Sand Production Control in an Oil Field

    Sand production in oil and gas wells can occur if fluid flow exceeds a certain threshold governed by factors such as consistency of the reservoir rock, stress state and the type of completion usedОнлайн-запрос

  • A New and Practical Model for Amount and Rate of Sand

    A sand production quantification model was developed by correlating the critical plastic volume obtained from the numerical modeling with the cumulative amount of sand produced from the sanding experiments. The sand quantification model was applied to a field case study aiming for model validation. The modeling result has been so far consistent with field observations.Онлайн-запрос

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    Sand production failure model is developed based on the Mohr–Coulomb failure model presented in Section 5.4. This is shown in Fig. 5.3 and represented by Eqs. (5.3) and (5.4) Eqs. 5.3 Eqs. 5.4. The Mohr–Coulomb model describes a few material properties. The angle ϕ is defined as the angle of friction. Sandstone, for example, will exhibit friction along a shear plane as the grains willОнлайн-запрос

  • Sand Production Assessment GeoScience Limited

    Sand Production Assessment . An optimal completions programme depends on predicting and controlling sand production to minimise risk and maximise hydrocarbon production. Depletion, excessive drawdown, a change in production conditions (well shut-in, water hammer and cross flow), or water breakthrough can all lead to sudden or unexpected sand production. Sanding can give rise to excessive sandОнлайн-запрос

  • Prediction of Sand Production from Oil and Gas Reservoirs

    Osisanya S.O., 2010. Practical Guidelines for Predicting Sand Production. Paper SPE 136980 presented at the 34th Annual SPE International Conference and Exhibition, held in Tinapa, Calabar, Nigeria, 31 July -7 August.Онлайн-запрос

  • Badiru A.B., Osisanya S.O. Project Management for the Oil

    Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2010. 908 p. Editor Joe Dunn Clegg Inflow and Outflow Perfomance Completion Systems Tubing selection, design, and installation Perforating Sand control Formation damage Matrix Acidizing Hydraulic Fracturing Well production problems Artificial Lift Systems Sucker-Rod Lift Gas Lift Electrical submersible pumps Hydraulic pumping in Oil wells...Онлайн-запрос

  • A predictive model for sand production in poorly

    dc.contributor.advisor: Sharma, Mukul M. en: dc.creator: Kim, Sung Hyun, 1983-en: dc.date.accessioned: 2011-02-17T17:44:21Z: en: dc.date.accessioned: 2011-02-17T17:44:32ZОнлайн-запрос

  • Half of the world’s habitable land is used for agriculture

    11/11/2019· Other studies confirm this distribution of global land: in an analysis of how humans have transformed global land use in recent centuries, Ellis et al. (2010) found that by 2000, 55% of Earth’s ice-free (not simply habitable) land had been converted into cropland, pasture, and urban areas. This left only 45% as ‘natural’ or ‘semi-natural’ land.Онлайн-запрос

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    UK Production by region 2007 East of England (including Norfolk and Bedfordshire) 1.155Mt (24%) North West (97% of production in 2005 from Cheshire) 1.433Mt (29%) North East, Yorkshire and HumbersideW West Midlands, East Midlands Details of regional production not available. 0.874Mt (18%) South West (including 0.093Mt from Dorset and 0.059Mt from Wiltshire) 0.167Mt (3%) ales 0. 7Онлайн-запрос

  • Frac Sand Production & Demand Gordon Brothers

    Frac Sand Production & Demand. Industry Insight. COVID-19 INDUSTRY BRIEF. EFFECTS OF THE CORONAVIRUS ON THE Frac Sand INDUSTRY Updated June 18, 2020. Oil Market Conditions: West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil prices infamously went below zero briefly in April 2020 in advance of the May WTI futures expiration due to regional storage issues. Prices recovered to the low teensОнлайн-запрос

  • Faults and fault properties in hydrocarbon flow models

    production, transmissibility multiplier Received 30 October 2009; accepted 2 February 2010 Corresponding author: T. Manzocchi, Fault Analysis Group, UCD School of Geological Sciences, University College Dublin, Dublin 4, Ireland. Email: [email protected] Tel: +353 1 716 2605. Fax: +353 1 716 2607. Geofluids (2010) 10, 94–113 INTRODUCTIONОнлайн-запрос

  • Agriculture Technology Avenue: The Importance of Soil

    22/09/2010· It is a measure of the proportion of sand, slit and clay particles in the soil. Texture has a major effect on the soil’s: Fertility levels Infiltration and drainage rates Water holding capacity Bearing strength Ease of cultivation Shrink and swell potential Ability to crack on drying Susceptibility to erosionОнлайн-запрос

  • Construction Sand and Gravel Statistics and Information

    Construction sand and gravel, one of the most accessible natural resources and a major basic raw material, is used mostly by the construction industry. Despite the low unit value of its basic products, the construction sand and gravel industry is a major contributor to and an indicator of the economic well-being of the Nation.Онлайн-запрос

  • Production Planning & Control: Vol 31, No 15

    Production Planning & Control List of Issues Volume 31, Issue 15 2019 Impact Factor. 3.605 Production Planning & Control. The Management of Operations. 2019 Impact Factor. 3.605 Search in: Advanced search. Submit an article. New content alerts RSS. Subscribe. Citation search. Citation search. Current issue Browse list of issues Explore. Top; About this journal. Aims and scope; Instructions forОнлайн-запрос

  • Sand Production Prediction OnePetro

    The sand production prediction technique that will be most effective for agiven area is one in which field observations, laboratory experiments, andtheoretical modeling are all integrated for the formation under study. References. 1. Veecken, C.A.M. et al.: "Sand Production Prediction Review:Developing an Integrated Approach," paper SPE 22792 presented at the 1991SPE Annual TechnicalОнлайн-запрос

  • A New and Practical Model for Amount and Rate of Sand

    A sand production quantification model was developed by correlating the critical plastic volume obtained from the numerical modeling with the cumulative amount of sand produced from the sanding experiments. The sand quantification model was applied to a field case study aiming for model validation. The modeling result has been so far consistent with field observations.Онлайн-запрос

  • Indonesia: sand production volume 2018 | Statista

    07/07/2020· Production volume of soil, rock, sand and gravel in Taiwan 2019, by region Production volume of limestone in Indonesia 2011-2018 Production volume of silica sand in Indonesia 2011-2018Онлайн-запрос

  • Typical sand production problems. Case studies and

    The causes and progress of these sand production problems are explained using field data to help field engineers gain a better understanding of the various sand problems encountered. Strategies for minimizing these sand problems are also discussed. AB This paper presents analyses of five typical sand problems commonly observed in the field. The causes and progress of these sand productionОнлайн-запрос

  • Project management for the oil and gas industry : a world

    Adedeji Bodunde Badiru, Olusola Osisanya. Project management for oil and gas projects comes with a unique set of challenges that include the management of science, technology, and engineering aspects. Underlining the specific issues involved in projects in this field, Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry: A World System Approach presents step-by-step application of projectОнлайн-запрос

  • Sand Production Rate Prediction and Productivity Index

    Prediction of sand production rate is a complicated and difficult task because it covers multidisciplinary domains like geomechanics, fluid mechanics, development geology, reservoir engineering, and so on. This chapter is based on geomechanics and theories of fluid flowing in porous media. It summarizes methods of predicting sand production rate on the basis of its history of technicalОнлайн-запрос

  • Reasons for sand production – petroblogweb

    01/08/2016· Sand production is increased with onset or increased water cut because of the following reasons: Increased water cut decreases the capillary pressure, which holds sand grains in rock body. Flow of more than one phase increases the frictional flow effects. High fluid rate, to maintain the net oil production rate, results in high pressure gradient at the sand-face. Cementing material isОнлайн-запрос

  • Sand production evaluation during gas production from

    01/09/2018· In 2007, a pilot gas production from hydrates in Mackenzie, Canada, only lasted 12.5 h due to large sand production (Kurihara et al., 2010). In 2013, gas production from hydrate was attempted in the Nankai Trough, Japan, but the well was shut down after 6 d, also due to large sand production (Terao et al., 2014).Онлайн-запрос

  • Sand Production & Sand Management In Malaysia

    Through a phased investigation both onshore and offshore, the sand management team were tasked with identifying the root cause of sand production and predominant sand producing wells. While identifying the root cause, the team were to provide recommendations on how to manage the sand going forward and implement the respective improvement plan.Онлайн-запрос

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    17/08/2016· In most of the petroleum fields, sand production is seemed to be continuous and sand concentration which is tolerable depends on operating limitations with respect to separator capability, artificial lift, erosion, well site and sand dumping. In case of oil wells allowable sand cut levels are 6 g/m3 to 600 g/m3 and in case of gas wells this level is 16kg/ 106 m3, but these figures can vary